How do we decide what is right and wrong when it comes to issues of morality and ethics? I believe God gave us His Word which directly tells us the answer to most questions of morality and ethics and the principles for all of them. But let’s suppose your society doesn’t have the Bible. Could you still know without a doubt whether something was right or wrong? The answer is yes, because God has given us the ability to reason these things out. The problem is that most people do not want to use the reasoning abilities God gave us to come to an answer. They want to use one of two approaches. The first approach is, “Well I feel it should be like this…” The second approach is, “Well society or this part of society validates this….” The problem with both approaches is that the answer can go back and forth depending on how you feel that day or the current trend in society. We cannot be sure that either approach will find a good answer.

A question we can ask will answer our moral and ethical dilemmas and questions. Here it is: “If 100% of the people in society did “x”, what would the consequences be?”

Example: Say you are very angry at your neighbor – to the point you want to murder him. So you can ask yourself the question, “If 100% of the people in my society committed murder, what would the consequences be?” Well the answer is obvious that your society would be a dreadful place to live and that it would destroy itself. A few strong people would be left running around – trying to be the last one standing.

The moral question in a macro perspective gives the answer to your micro (personal) moral question. You can use this question for all questions of morality and ethcis: should I lie, should i steal, should i have an affair, should i move my property boundary? etc…
The great thing is this question also works in the positive: should I love, should I be generous, should I care about my neighbor, should I be faithful? etc….