As we read the Gospels we see Jesus in all His fullness. Jesus – the God-Man…fully God and fully human leaving His place of perfection in heaven and humbling Himself to put on human flesh in order to live with and serve fallen humans who were trapped slaves of sin. We see Him in power command the storm to stop, turn water to wine, and feed thousands with a meal for one. We see Him in compassion teach the multitudes, make the blind see, heal the paralyzed, comfort the sorrowing, and give hope to the poor. We see His righteous anger at those who would distort faith for personal gain… those who make God’s work into a lucrative business. We see His anger at false teachers who trap many with their lies. We see Him mourn the pain of death as He faces the consequences of a fallen world. We see Him put aside the easy road and walk the path to Golgotha – the hill of the skull. We see all creation tremble at His death, the bright sun even hidas Jesus paid for our sins. But on the third day, what a glorious morn, Christ risen indeed! Do you know Him? If you do, how will your participation in the death and resurrection of Jesus impact your life today?

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