While preaching Sunday, I did an impromptu poll of the audience.  I asked them to raise their hands if they had heard about the Vick dog fighting trial.  I was not surprised at a near 100% response of affirmative.  I then asked how many had heard about the 19 million currently displaced people in Southeast Asia due to massive flooding.  About 50% of the audience had heard about it, which I will venture to say is higher than many audiences would have (that is just a hunch).
2 points of importance:

1.  We need to dig a little deeper beyond sound bite news to find the stories that are more worthy of our attention and prayers.

2.  We need to recognize that we live in a great big world and that many of our preconceived ideas about people and places are way off base.  For validation of this point watch this absolutely fascinating video about world statistics and use of information.  From some of his comments I believe he is a humanist and what not – but still a lot of the information is good and worth your time to watch.Ultimately for the follower of Jesus, being aware of what is going on in the world is a responsibility we have in order to properly love, pray, and serve God and the people He created.  It is a Gospel issue!