Earlier today I was reading an article on paedobaptists and credo-baptists….on who?  You know…paedobaptsists and credo-baptists.  Well actually you might if you happened to have taken some Greek or theology is your thing.  For the average Joe you might have well as said, “djafdouf” and “vomsieau”.

3 simple points:

1.  Keep the language simple and if it is necessary to use the 25 cent word be sure to give a quality definition that is easier to understand. 
2.  Among many who don’t believe many Christian words are a foreign language.  For example it is better to say, “Jesus paid for your sins with His death on the cross,” rather than “Jesus is the propipiation for your sins via His vicarious sacrifice at Golgotha.”

3.  Intentional or not the use of big theological words often reinforces the unscriptual creation of classes of Christians – clergy and laity.  It gives a “wow that person is really smart and holy…and I could never be that” perception.

It’s about communication.  The person who takes the complex and breaks it down into simple terms is a more effective communicator than the person who takes the complex and makes it more complex…though he won’t sound as smart…but then this is about communication…not pride and superior feelings.  Whenever we are entrusted with the opportunity to share something from God’s Word (whether with many people or one person), we should pray that God would, by the power of the Holy Spirit, give us easy to understand messages with power, depth of content and most of all – Love!
PS – Just in case you were wondering:

Paedobaptist – someone who believes in infant baptism.

Credo-baptist – someone who believes in baptizing people only after they have believed.

“djafdouf” and “vomseau” – I don’t think they mean anything – just random letters hit on my keyboard 🙂