The date: December 25th is commonly celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. The actual day of His birth is unknown to us. We can say with a high level of certainly that Jesus was not born on December 25th. In fact, the birth of Christ was not a celebrated day until about AD 440 and was celebrated on the same day the pagans celebrated the birth of the sun god.
Application: We can and should be thankful for Jesus – born of the Virgin mary – the whole year round. The Christmas time of year can provide opportunities to have conversations about Jesus with our neighbors.
Move your wise men: Most nativity scenes have the wise men around the manager. However we can see by reading Matthew chapter 2 that the wise men worshipped Jesus sometime between his birth and his second birthday. Herod issued a decree to kill all the male children in the area 2 years old and under. If you have a nativity scene in your yard or house, please move your wise men an appropriate distance to show they are on their way to worship Jesus.
Application: Our heartfelt response to Jesus should be the same as the wise men…to bow down and worship. May we worship Jesus for who He is.

More shortly on the Virgin Birth…