I remember back to junior high when our basketball team had the old hand me downs from many years prior. It was always a battle for the two pair of larger shorts because most of us would be stuck wearing shorts that were way too short and way too tight.  Well on Monday I took a trip back in time because I failed to take any shorts to Mexico.  In order to fellowship with my Mexican brothers on the basketball court, I had to borrow a pair from one of them.  My translator Christian (who grew up in California) laughed and laughed.  He also had possession of my camera and took about 50 pictures of permanent proof of my humiliation.  I also didn’t realize that we had to walk several blocks down the main street of the city to be able to play.  Yes, people noticed and made sure that I knew that they noticed.  Being one of the very few white people in the area and being 6’4″ or 193 cm for those on the metric system, I already stand out.  Bring on the attack of the man thigh, and I am a one man circus!

I can’t believe that I putting pictures of this on net.  But if my humiliation can bring a little laughter to your day, then I guess it is a price worth paying.  Yes I am having to work hard to convince myself of that!