June 2, 2008 – Monday

You can see from the post entitled, “attack of the man thigh”, that Monday was a fun day.  We also had a nice couple of hours in the morning as we studied Matthew 7 and the end of John 17.  We had profitable questions and discussion.  Afterwards we ate pizza together in downtown Orizaba.  When you just drive from the church’s building down the main road toward the bus station, you don’t realize how large Orizaba is.  The city has about 120,000+ people in it.  Cordoba which isn’t far down the road has another 135,000+. So in the valley area there are over 300,000 people.  

After basketball, we had a time of good bye’s.  I walked back to Pepe’s house and got some work done on the computer.  We had a nice dinner with several people at the house and good conversation.  The day wrapped up around 11 PM, and I would be up in just a few hours to begin the journey back.  It was hard to believe that the week was gone so quickly.