Claire and I are very excited about our new bikes.  We got them for our 5th Wedding Anniversary which was June 7.  It was Claire’s idea, and to be honest I wasn’t too thrilled about it at the beginning.  I actually said, “What if this turns into one of those couple activities where one person loves it and the other person is bitter!”  You see I was one of those odd kids that didn’t learn to ride a bike at a normal age – I think I was post 10 when I started riding.  Our house just wasn’t suited for bike riding.  It wasn’t in a neighborhood and was on a road where some pickup truck could run you down at 65 mph.  Therefore, I have never had much of an affection for bicycles.

So I broke down, and we went to the bike shop on our anniversary.  The guys at “The Hub” were great. Test riding the bikes was too much fun, and I was hooked.  We went with Raleigh hybrid bikes, because we aren’t hard core enough for either the mountain bikes or the hard seat road bikes.  We have had good times with them so far, and the activity provides a great time for us to talk.  Having time to spend together and talk is important to keep our marriage strong and healthy, as we seek to honor God and each other in our relationship.

We’ve already started to look into a longer bike trip in the fall.  So far the “Comet Trail” looks the most promising. It runs 60 miles from Atlanta to Alabama where it connects to the Chief Ladiga trail, and you don’t have to worry about getting run over by a car etc.  On the funny side, I came across a blog for “Things White People Like” and #61 is bicycles. In my opinion it is hilarious.  If you don’t take it seriously, and don’t waste your brain cells reading people’s comments about it, then take a few minutes and have a laugh.