Here Psalms 11-20 are categorized.  You can scroll down or click the Psalms Category on the right hand side of the page to see Psalms 1-10 and the initial post about categorizing.  You can download the better looking PDF with psalms 1-20 categorized.

David is the author of each of these Psalms

Ps.    Category                                Description                              OT Ref.         NT Ref. 


11 Righteous and Wicked Contrasted

The LORD is the refuge for the righteous and the judge of the wicked


12 Petitions

May God protect the upright and the poor from those who do evil.


13 Petitions

David does not receive immediate relief from his trouble, yet He maintains faith in the LORD.


14 Righteous and Wicked Contrasted

The wicked are foolish in believing there is no God. God is with the righteous.


Romans 3:10-12
15 Righteous and Wicked Contrasted

Psalm 15 is a description of the character of a righteous person.


16 Worship and Thanksgiving

We can be thankful if we know that we are safe in God’s hands, and that God fullfilled the prophecy of Jesus being raised from the dead.


Acts 2:25-28, 13:35
17 Petitions

David urgently prays for protection from those who desire to kill him.


18 Worship and Thanksgiving

David is thankful for victory over the evil people who tried to kill him.

II Samuel 22

Romans 15:9
19 Worship and Thanksgiving

It is a beautiful Psalm that speaks of the power, wonder, and wisdom of God.


Romans 10:18
20 Petitions

David asks for God’s blessings in battle for those who follow the LORD.





May God add His blessing to our study of Psalms.