Hey everybody,

I know it is Christmas time and you would like to give some gifts. Money may be tight and you know my stance on not overspending on Christmas gifts. Here is something you can give to lots of people and it will only cost you a few minutes of your time.

http://www.restaurant.com is one of my favorite websites. Normally you would buy a $25 gift certificate for $10 or a $10 gift certificate for $3. Then with the promotional codes (the current one is “online” you can get 70% off your order. So a $25 gift certificate will cost you $3.)

IT GETS SO MUCH BETTER! You can give away three $10 gift certificates EVERY DAY until Christmas and it costs you ZERO DOLLARS! Go to the “Feed it Forward” link on their home page. You just enter in the person’s name, email address, type a short note and hit send! The great thing about them is that if the person never uses it – it isn’t money wasted – like what happens to millions of dollars in gift cards every year!

In Athens there are only 2 eating places to chose from – but in Atlanta there are 300, and 27 in Northeast GA. There are many places all over the country so these certificates are great to send to family and friends all over the U.S.A. A great time to use them is when you are traveling…to try out a place to eat at a great price. Note that different restaurants have different requirements – but it is all fairly straight forward. Enjoy!