The last four days have been very interesting.  On Friday I had a conversation with a couple of friends about JWs because they are routinely going into my friends’ laundromat and handing out literature.  Saturday I am with a friend, and we are going to a trailer park to show the Jesus Film in Spanish.  As soon as we pull up we see the JWs going trailer to trailer.  On Sunday a JW was going to visit a young lady in our church.  I went and participated because normally the JWs visit you with at least two people.  Today, at lunch time basketball, someone says, “Merry Christmas!”  One of the other guys says, “I don’t celebrate Christmas.”  I think I was the only one who heard him say it so privately, I asked him why.  He said, “because of my personal beliefs and my religion.”  I replied, “So you are a Jehovah’s Witness then?” “Yes…”  Odds are they have already knocked on your door and will again.

So what are the main things that Jehovah’s Witnesses believe? It should be understood that the JW religion is a religion of denial.  It was started in 1879 because the founder Charles Russell did not like the normal teachings of the Bible.  JWs deny the following:

1.  The Deity of Jesus Christ
2.  The physical resurrection of  Jesus Christ
3.  The physical return of Jesus Christ
4.  The existance of hell as defined by the Bible (they view it as a grave until the resurrection)
5.  The place of all believers is an eternity with God (they state only 144,000 get this privilage.

They deny many other things but those five are of particular importance.  It is good for you to know that JWs are forbidden to take any literature you give them, and they are  forbidden to read any “religious” materials that are not from the Watchtower Society.  A more accurate name for Jehovah’s Witnesses would be “Watchtowerites” since they rely so heavily on their Watchtower materials.  They have their own translation of the Bible called the New World Translation.  As far as Bible translations go, it is terrible.  However, there is something in it that is very powerful that is easy to remember and that you can use when you witness to a Jehovah’s Witness.  Read the next post for the answer.

One final thought for this post.  You should view most JWs with compassion.  They normally have very little Bible knowledge when they are deceived.  They are systematically brainwashwed.  If they deny the false teachings of their religion they will normally be outcasts and lose their family and their community of friends.  It costs a lot for one of them to have the courage to see it for the cult that it is and to get out.