General Outline of Romans

I.  1:1 – Paul introduces himself and the Gospel of God

II.  Doctrine

A. God’s righteousness in condemning sin
1:18 – The wrath of God against ungodliness (failure of man)
2:1 – The judgment of God by truth and Jesus Christ
2:17 –  failure of Israel to keep the law
3:8 – No one is righteous; law gives knowledge of sin

B.  God’s salvation for humans is by grace through faith
3:21 – Justification is by faith
4:1 – Abraham as proof that justification is by faith
5:1 – Jesus provided justification therefore grace reigns

C.  God’s power in sanctification
6:1 – Free from sin to live in righteousness
7:1 – The law is to show sin – we are dead to the law and alive to Jesus
8:1 – Because of Jesus we can be spiritually minded – God’s redemptive plan explained

D. God’s sovereignty in saving Jew and Gentile
9:1 – Israel’s unique place in God’s plan
9:30 – Whoever (Jew or Gentile) calls on God will be saved
11:1 – Remnant of Israel will be saved

III.  God’s glory the object of service

12:1 – Be a living sacrifice – serve the body
12:9 – Love is the rule
13:1 – Be respectful of authority
14:1 – Be mindful of the weaker brother

IV. Conclusion:
15:14 – Paul’s ministry to the Gentiles
16:1 – Closing words