Outline of Romans 1:1-17 (Paul introduces himself and the Gospel of God.)

I.  Paul’s introduction (1:1-7)
A.  Paul is a bondservant of Jesus Christ  (1:1)
1.  called to be an Apostle
2.  separated to the Gospel
B.  Jesus Christ is the main point of the Scriptures (1:1-4)
C.  Jesus Christ is the source of grace (1:5-7)
D.  We are called by Jesus Christ for obedience to the faith (1:5-7)

II.  Paul’s heart for the believers in Rome (1:8-15)
A.  Paul’s thankfulness for the testimony of the believers in Rome (1:8)
B.  Paul’s prayer life for the believers in Rome (1:9-10)
C.  Paul’s desire for mutual encouragement (1:11-12)
D.  Paul’s desire to preach the Gospel in Rome (1:13-15)

III.  Paul is not ashamed of the gospel of Christ (1:16-17)
A.  For it is the power of salvation (1:16)
1.  Jew
2.  Greek
B.  The just shall live by faith (1:17)