I have been informed that because my Romans posts are of such a serious nature that I need to add a little brevity to the site here and there…so here you go.

PETA has a new campaign to get us to stop eating fish by changing the name of fish to “sea kittens”.  No I am not making this up!  Their reasoning is that no one would want to hurt something called a “sea kitten”.  I guess if I was at Red Lobster and “Fried Sea Kitten” was on the menu I might think twice…but only because I wouldn’t want to eat kitten (I’m fairly certain they don’t taste that good.)

PETA has “Sea Kitten Stories” and”Make your own Sea Kitten”  on their website.  http://www.peta.org/sea_kittens/index.asp
My wife and I and a friend had a lot of fun making our own sea kittens yesterday.


The humane treatment of animals is important (and should be of particular concern to followers of God) but a campaign called “Save the Sea Kittens” just makes me laugh.  I think we can put this one in the “credibility killer” category.

P.S. (The shrimp alfredo that my wife made yesterday sure was tasty!)