Outline of Romans 1:18-32  The wrath of God against ungodliness

I.  The reasons for God’s wrath against humans (1:18-23)

A.  Humans suppress the truth about God (1:18-23)

  1. the knowledge of God is within humans
  2. the evidence of God’s design is all around us

B.  Humans alter the truth about God (1:21-23)

  1. Professing to be wise they became fools
  2. Made God into an image – depicted by corruptible things

II.  The results of humans rejection of God – God gave them up: (1:24-31)

A.  to dishonor their bodies (1:24-25)

B.  to vile passions (1:26-27)

C.  to a debased mind (1:28-31)

III.  The righteous judgment of God against ungodliness is death (1:32)