One thing that was part of the message on Sunday that was not in the notes I just posted is very important.  We can see great examples throughout the Scriptures of God loving people and God using people despite what they have done!  Here are a few key examples:

Rahab (the harlot):  she had faith in God, was spared in the fall of Jericho, became a follower of God and was the father of Boaz.  She is in the genealogical line of Jesus the Messiah!

King David: was an adulterer and a murderer.  Though there were consequence for his sin, God still used him in many ways and we are blessed by his words as we read many of the Psalms.

Paul:  before being a follower of Jesus, an Apostle and writing a large portion of the New Testament, Paul consented to the murder of Stephen and had families ripped apart by having innocent people thrown in prison.  Paul’s goal was to destroy the church and yet God’s grace changed his life!

Praise God for his amazing grace!