A special thanks to all who participated in the contest.  It was tough to decide on a winner.  So here is what I decided:

2 first place winners:  John F. and Kayla M. (both will receive $25 gift certificates)

2 second place winners:  Melissa P. and Matt V. (both will receive $10 gift certificates)

If you want to see how you would have done read the previous post and give it a shot before reading the rest of this post.

Here are all 8 ways God judges according to Romans 2:1-16:

1. As one judges another (verse 1)
2. According to truth (verse 2)
3. According to righteousness (verse 5)
4. According to a person’s deeds (verse 6)
5. Without favoritism  (verse 11)
6. According to the law
The Jews & the written law (verses 12b, 13) (but all fail but One)
7. According to law
The Gentiles & the law within (verses 12a, 14)
The work of the law in their hearts in conjunction with conscience 15
8. Through Jesus Christ (verse 16)