Outline of Romans 2:17-3:8
I.  The failure of Jews to keep the law condemns them

A.  The Jews view of themselves (2:17-20)

  1. Called a Jew
  2. Rest on the Law
  3. Boast in God
  4. Know His will
  5. Approve the things that are excellent
  6. Instructed by the Law
  7. Are confident that you yourself are:
  • a guide to the blind
  • a light to those in darkness
  • an instructor of the foolish
  • a teacher of babes

8.  having form of knowledge and truth in the law

B.  The Jews proven to be failures in all of the above (2:21-24)

  1. Failure to teach oneself what he has taught another (21-23) 
(do as I say not as I do) examples:
  • stealing
  • adultery (as Jesus taught about lust in the heart)
  • illegitimate gain off of religion
  • dishonor God by breaking the law

2.  Result of Jewish failure among Gentiles (24)

  • name of God is blasphemed among them
  • what lesson should the church learn from this?

C.  True circumcision and its true value (2:25)

  1. It is profitable if you keep the law
  2. It is negated if you do not keep the law
  3. If an uncircumcised person (Gentile) keeps the law then it is as if he was circumcised
  4. A physically uncircumcised person who has a circumcised heart will judge the lawbreaker who is circumcised and has the law.
  5. A true Jew is one in heart – in the Spirit of the law, not the letter.  (They had become overly concerned about minor details and therefore missed the point of the major teachings.)

D.  Is there any real advantage to physically being a Jew?  (Romans 3:1-8)

  1. to them were committed the oracles of God. (3:2)
  2. God’s faithfulness to them as a people is a testimony of God’s grace (3:3-4)
  • a.  despite their failures
  • b.  Jewish unrighteousness demonstrates righteousness of God

E.  Is God unjust in inflicting wrath on them? (3:5-8)

  1. No, If God is unjust in judging the Jew then it would be impossible to judge the Gentile (for he has not had the same advantages).
  2. If God’s glory is raised up in contrast to man’s sin, then why not sin more so that God can be more glorified?  And therefore, why would I be judged as a sinner?
  3. It was slanderously reported that Paul and others taught this false doctrine.  Paul states that those responsible for these lies are justly condemned.