On Saturday, Claire and I went to an “Adoption Gathering” in Gainesville, Georgia.  (I’ll have to tell you the story sometime of why every time I hear the word “Gathering”, I think freaky cult group.)  Okay, let me get back on track.  We had never been to an event like this, and we did not know exactly what to expect.

We arrived at 9 AM and had an orientation with other prospective parents.  It was mostly common sense stuff like, “Don’t ask a kid, ‘Would you like to be adopted?'”  They had lots of roundtables with an activity at each one: make a hat, paint a stuffed animal, make an airplane, or make a cookie dough jar.  They also had a couple of those mini-basketball games, and a football throw.  You could spend any amount of time you wanted at any of the activities and the kids could do the same.  The goal was to spend some time with each child, not monopolizing any one kid or ignoring others.

The real interesting part for us is that we connected more with two middle school sibling groups than we thought we would.  We really had not opened ourselves up to that age group before.  It challenged us to have our box expanded once again.  If there is anything we have learned from this process multiple times now is that what we thought we could not or would not want is now very much a possibility.  Over the last year we have gone from “only infants please” to “yeah, I think we could handle a couple of 8th graders.”

We are still seeking God and praying for His will to be done with our family.  Could we be privileged enough for God to use us to step in and give someone the opporuntiy for a radically different life?  We are excited about what the coming months may hold.