Unfortunately this series did not begin getting recorded until Romans chapter 2 verse 17.  Below are all the audio messages from that point to Romans 4:8.  If you only have the time to listen to one I would recommend Romans 3:21-26.  I also recognize that listening to me speak can be brutal at times (some parts just aren’t very good)….so I won’t be offended if you skip through parts.  But God in His grace can still use some of the content here for His glory and that is my hope.

The failure of those who were given the law to keep the law Romans 2:17-3:8 dcf-podcast-romans-2-verse-17-3-verse-8 (31 minutes)
All are under sin Romans 3:9-22 dcf-podcast-romans-3-verses-9-22 (41 minutes)

God’s salvation for humans is by grace through faith Romans 3:21-26 dcf-podcast-romans-3-verses-21-26 (24 minutes)

What do we have to brag about Romans 3:27-4:8 dcf-podcast-romans-3-verse-27-4-verse-8 (40 minutes)