In the last couple of months I have had a few people ask me how they should begin a serious reading of the Bible.  They have had access to the Bible and have tried to read it before but then got bogged down and did not get very far.  Here is the advice I normally give and perhaps it will be helpful for you in sharing with someone else.

If the person is not a believer in Jesus or is shaky about their faith, then the Gospel of John is the place to begin.

If the person is a believer in Jesus then the following method will help them to have a better understanding of God’s Word:

1.  Gospel of Mark – a synopsis of the life of Jesus Christ (shortest of the Gospels)

2. Philippians – the Christian life (4 chapters)

3. Acts – the history of the early church

4. Romans – important teaching and application

5.  Gospel of John – our message to the world

6.  The rest of the New Testament (NT) including Matthew and Luke

7.  The Old Testament (OT)

The first 2 books are great in content and also shorter in length.  It is important for the readers to have a sense of accomplishement so they are encouraged to continue on.  After they have gone through the Scriptures this way once then they can start a reading plan that has a portion of the OT and NT each day.  Proverbs can also be particularly helpful for someone wanting to live a life honoring God.  Isn’t there a phrase: “A proverb a day helps keep sin away”?