What does it say about our society when the news of Jon and Kate divorcing is the 2nd most read article on CNN.com (#1 for a good portion of the day)?

Does it reflect that people care more about the “news” surrounding the Gosselins then they do about the news of political turmoil in Iran?  Or perhaps is it that more people can relate to the Gosselins as almost everyone in our country has been affected in a close personal way by divorce?  Perhaps it’s the novelty of their situation with 8 kids (6 of which came at one time) and a tv show?  In any case their personal life and failures have become the news of today.  It is indeed sad news.

After reading the article and then getting a feel for America’s response via the comments I was surprised how many people ran over Kate and gave Jon a pass.  It is obvious her priorities got out of whack and that she tended to be bossy, but I’ve got a different take on the situation.  Put simply Jon has failed to lead his wife, his children and his home and now EVERYONE in their family is paying a steep price.  It all comes back to him – he could have lovingly told her “no” a long time ago to a myriad of things – he could have said “no” to the tv show at any point during the past few years, he could have said “no” to her speaking engagements, he could have said “no” to her book promotions.  He could have said “no” to their combined selfishness.  He could have said “no” to “hanging out” with women not named “Kate Gosselin”.  More importantly he could have said “yes” to leading his wife and kids.  He could have said “yes” to marriage counseling.  He could have said “yes” to the biblical charge he was given.  He could have said “yes” to his commitments.

Instead he just went down the road of the average “husband/man” (Christian or not) and lived in Pansyville for years until he finally got tired of living in Pansyville and realized he could “be liberated”.  The following comment by Jon proves my assessment to be accurate.  “I just let her rule the roost and do whatever she wanted,” Jon said. “Now I finally stood up on my own two feet and I’m proud of myself.”  Notice even here the deceitfulness of sin.  He doesn’t just say that he has sinned and failed and that he is sorry, no he is “proud” of himself.  I can tell you after being alive for almost 34 years and having read the Bible that there are only two responses people have when they are confronted with their sin – one is “godly sorrow that leads to repentance” and the other is “I’ve made the right decision, and I am proud of myself.”  Most people go with the latter time and time again.

Men, the bottom line is that we have stop hiding behind the excuses of her inadequacies and do better.  During the past few weeks, I’ve been working on an article entitled “Contentious wife equals terrible life” with the focus being on practical things we husbands need to do in order to avoid the situation where you would rather sleep on the roof (or with another woman) than with your wife.  I’ll have it posted by Thursday.

Final thought on the Gosselins, If you have access to God through praying in the name of Jesus, then say a prayer that they would turn to Jesus and have reconciliation.  If you took the time to read the news or to read this post then you can take a minute and do that.