Part 3 of Contentious Wife Equals Terrible Life


As I was writing about brutes it became obvious that they are also just category one losers.  But it wouldn’t be good to go forward with the real men without talking about these punks for a few minutes.

Brutes is a rather large category which ranges from aggressive punks to strong arm manipulators.  These guys work really hard on their image.  They are obsessed with controlling what other people think about them.  Whether in athletics or work they can’t stand the thought of not being viewed as highly successful.  It is more about perception than reality and their perception varies by degree but is generally not close to an accurate assessment of reality.

Here are a few examples of what is typical in the brute category.

Aggressive punks – these guys really need help, they over compensate for who they are by using verbal and/or physical abuse.  They belittle their wives and others they interact with in order to obtain the “dominate” role in the relationship.  I hope we can all agree that any male that hurts women or children is not a real man.  As a society we give these punks way too much room to wreck havoc.  They need Jesus because they have no clue as to what a real man is.  It is the job of real men to protect.  We need to give place to Jesus to exact vengeance which He surely will do upon His return, and in this time of grace give the message of hope and warning to all.

Manipulators – these guys use whatever means at their disposal and if they have money they love to use it to gain control.  These are the guys who will buy your lunch – not in an effort to be nice but to show you who the boss is.  They want life to be a particularly way and when it isn’t boy do they whine.  They whine about nit picky drivel – of course it isn’t drivel to them because they have deluded themselves into thinking their lives or their collection of whatever really is more important than the lives of others..  The real problem manipulators have is that they are living for a life that is fleeting instead of pursuing the things of God.  When a man’s kingdom is his priority he will be willing to do just about anything to try to make it what he wants it to be…and in the process lose his own soul.

Are you very far away from the brute category or is it an accurate description of you most the time or some of the time?