Already on this site I have written about the responsibility we have to pray for our President and leaders.  If you missed that post see it here.

And as previously written about we should rightfully give thanks for the progress our country has made in the area of race made evident today (though we still have a long way to go).  If you missed that post see it here.

Today let us not forget to pray for all who are seen as great and small on the earth and remember that one day all will give account to God Almighty.  Here are some specific things to pray for for our new President Obama:

  • Wisdom – as he has so many important decisions to make.  Pray that he would accept godly counsel and reject the counsel of the ungodly.
  • Justice – that he would seek to do justly
  • Clarity – to know good and evil and to pick the good
  • Safety – for him and his family
  • Marriage – for the health of his marriage in the face of intense stress
  • Family – for his families wellbeing as they live under a microscope

Let us pray!